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1. Files and folders are selected based on what needs to protected . 2. Files are compressed , encrypted with your own password and sent to a remote server located behind a managed Firewall.
3. Backup occurs automatically at the scheduled time. Your backup data is stored safely on the remote server and is available for download 24/7. 4. Your backups are monitored. In the event we do not receive your backup as per its schedule, you will be notified.
The client software is installed on the computer to be backed up. After a simple initial configuration (defining what and when to backup) an initial baseline backup is made to our secure off-site data centres. Thereafter, the system automatically detects any changes to files and addition of new files and sends the relevant updates to the data centres.

In most cases, that is all that is required. However, in case of need (lost files, crashed hard disk, lost laptop) you can simply tell the software which files you need and they are downloaded to you instantly.

We can also ship to you, your data on media (CD, DVD or a replacement Hard-drive) via FedEx Next day anywhere in shipment in North America. Here’s how the backup works:

Peace of Mind. Peace of Mind.
Your business data is critical and it HAS to remain safe and accessible at all times.
Ease of Management. Ease of Management.
Virtually no management required. Install, choose what to backup and you’re done!
Off-site. Off-site.
Even in the worst case scenario of damage to your business premises your Data Is Safe.
Availability. Availability.
Your data is accessible to you from almost any computer with an Internet Connection.
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