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NexusBackup.com is Simple, Secure, Reliable

Be set up and running in under 5 minutes
Bank level encryption ensures data is Safe and Secure
Backup Unlimited PCs / Servers under 1 account
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Pay for what you need
One low monthly bill
Just $3/GB per month
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NexusBackup is a tool that allows businesses and individuals protect their most valuable data in a secure and simple way.

No matter how small or large a business you run, the data contained in your computer systems is a core component of your business. NexusBackup provides you with a hassle-free and affordable solutions for keeping that data in an alternate location should something happen to your physical location or computers.

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Just 3 easy steps
it couldn't be simplier
1. Select What to Backup
i.e. the files/folders you want to protect.

2. Select When to Backup
i.e. what time the program will wake up to transfer your files to the Data Centre.

3. Review your Backup report
Receive an automated email to alert you of success or failure of backups.

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